Über Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is now found in luxury sports cars and is therefore rarely seen for middle-aged people. As a team at Carbofy, we want to bring the material carbon fiber closer to the people and show what advantages this material brings. With our lifestyle products, we bring the highest quality to light, and also easier everyday life.

From covers to purses, we specialize in making everyday life easier and building a building block with every product. Mutli-Tools and simple products will always find the solution to the next problem. Carbon will make them much easier, since this material has a much better fatigue resistance than aluminum due to its reinforced fibers, whether salt water or UV light, in these cases carbon is 100% corrosion resistant.

All these benefits are just as beautiful as the look of the material. Carbofy specializes in the strength of the material and optics. Each product in our shop is made of carbon fiber and offers a beautiful picture as a lifestyle product, and is therefore visible everywhere. In red, Forged, with a matte finish or just glossy, we offer everything the tuning heart desires and are open to all desires and honest.

Forged Carbon, THE FUTURE


Forged Carbon has made many projects easier and ultimately completed, but what exactly is behind this mosaic-like material that can be shown in full glory? But first you have to look into the past to understand how the Forged Carbon had developed.

As early as 2008, Lamborghini started producing the Forged Carbon Fibers. Before that, there were several strength tests that brought strength and strength to the material through constant improvements. From here, the technology was first installed in 2010 in the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, this model Lamborghini with only 20 copies on the market, and is still one of the most accessible hypercars in the automotive industry. Lamborghini unveiled the Forged Carbon 2017 at the GENF, and presented it with the title: Material of the Future.

But what exactly distinguishes Forged Carbon from normal Carbon Fiber?

At first sight, it is immediately visible that it has a completely different structure than the conventional carbon which is still incorporated into the most modern sports car to this day. The biggest advantage here is the production, because Forged Carbon is produced in much less time than the conventional technologies, making this material a true savior for the automakers. In addition, the strength acts just like the normal carbon, and thus Lamborghinis future material for all upcoming Hypercars is. The structure of the material resembles a mosaic image and shows something new with each fiber, on our Carbofy smartphone cases, each case is something special, because all fibers hold each other differently in resin each cell phone case is a single 1/1 copy of Carbofy®. As our product range is steadily expanding, we are proud to say that there is still much to be done in the direction of the Forged Carbon, as we are more than enthusiastic about the material itself and also hope that you are more than satisfied with our products. Lamborghini has managed to produce a material that can not only be used in the automotive industry, and thus facilitates some production. The aviation industry has become equally attentive and we are all curious how the material Forged Carbon will help us in the future.