We specialize in making covers made of 100% real carbon, here we have different collections: Forged mobile phone cases, 100% carbon mobile phone cases, and hard plastic in combination with carbon fiber. Underneath, our covers are made of full carbon, because here the carbon fiber is adjusted to the smartphone in high accuracy, so that our carbon mobile phone cases are perfectly matched to your smartphone in one go.


We do not rely on real carbon like 98% of other manufacturers. Just like all other carbon fiber products in our range, we rely on high accuracy and quality. Advantages of the carbon Carbon is 50-80% lighter than steel and the best material on our planet in terms of weight and strength! With our 100% carbon mobile phone cases, you can now hold carbon in their own hands and let themselves be convinced how light and strong it is at the same time. Unlike metal, the carbon gets deformed and bent back to its original shape. Steel or aluminum, on the other hand, is very easy to bend compared to carbon and does not return to its original form. This is one of the biggest advantages for carbon cases, they will reset themselves in all falls and deformations! In addition, the carbon fiber is very durable.




Through our worldwide free shipping enjoy our carbon fiber products, as well as you have the chance to get in our wheel a completely free product! Try your luck and win big discounts on our complete range. All our products were designed in Germany and then implemented.